RH442: Red Hat Enterprise Performance Tuning


Red Hat® Enterprise Performance Tuning teaches senior Linux® system administrators about performance tuning for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Course Duration: 4 days / 32 hours.

Cost: INR 39,000 + GST

Prerequisites / Before taking this course:

  • RHCE Certification

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to performance tuning
    • Understand the basic principles of performance tuning and analysis.
  • Collecting, graphing, and interpreting data
    • Gain proficiency using basic analysis tools and evaluating data.
  • General tuning
    • Learn basic tuning theory and mechanisms used to tune the system.
  • Limiting resource usage
  • Hardware profiling
    • Understand and analyze hardware.
  • Software profiling
    • Analyze CPU and memory performance of applications.
  • Small file tuning
    • Tune a server for a workload involving frequent reads and writes of small files.
  • Large memory workload tuning
    • Understand memory management and tuning.
  • Tuning for a CPU-intensive workload
    • Understand tuning for CPU-bound applications.
  • File server tuning
    • Understand storage and network tuning in the context of a file server application.
  • Database server tuning
    • Tune memory and network performance using a database application as an example.
  • Power usage tuning
    • Tune systems with power consumption in mind.
  • Virtualization tuning
    • Tune ‘host’ and ‘guest’ for efficient virtualization.

After this course:

  • EX442 exam: Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Performance Tuning