LTC302: Shell Scripting

Bash Shell Scripting is an important everyday requirement for system administrators that need to automate repeated tasks.This course does not assume prior knowledge of the shell or even a text editor used in the shell. For people familiar with these topics, this course forms a good initial revision. However, not everything in the course is at a basic understanding level. The course even covers topics such as traps to help scripts become a little intelligent when abruptly signalled to exit.

Duration: 40 hours

Cost: INR 6000.

Course outline

  • Unit 1: Introduction to SHELL
  • Unit 2: Learning about shell script
  • Unit 3: Basic commands
  • Unit 4: Input/Output handling
  • Unit 5: Learning Editors
  • Unit 6: Writing a first Shell Script
  • Unit 7: Variables
  • Unit 8: Shell Operators
  • Unit 9: Advanced commands
  • Unit 10: Regular Expressions
  • Unit 11: Control Structure I
  • Unit 12: Control Structure II
  • Unit 13: Advanced Scripting