LTC101: Linux Basics


Linux Basics is an entry-level course designed specially for people new to using Linux. This course may be conducted by using any of the popular Linux distributions that are commonly used in homes, offices, schools and colleges.Plenty of extra information is provided in separately highlighted boxes. This allows a curious user to read and understand some extra technical topics. Tips and alerts are also provided to improve productivity or caution the user from making commonly occurring mistakes.This course does not require a high level of computer expertise from the user. Simple, everyday tasks are explained in plain English with the help of graphic aids wherever possible.

Duration: 20 hours

Course outline

  • Unit 1: Overview
  • Unit 2: Distributions
  • Unit 3: History – evolution from Unix
  • Unit 4: Users, groups and permissions
  • Unit 5: Shells, commands and programs
  • Unit 6: Operations on filesystems and files
  • Unit 7: Installation (basic)