Certification Exam Kiosk

We are proud to share the details of our Certification Exam Kiosk obtained for undertaking ANY Red Hat Exam!

In the past, it was relatively easy to attempt the Red Hat Certified System Administrator, or the Red Hat Certified Engineer exams. However, attempting a certification exam for any Certificate of Expertise was difficult due to the lack of minimum number of candidates for holding an exam.

Now, you will be able to undertake any Red Hat Certification Exam on a date of your choosing. The way it works is, you will be able to reserve a certification exam at a Red Hat Certification Exam Kiosk. Here are the steps:

  1. Make fee payment with us, and we will update Red Hat about enabling the desired exam for your account on redhat.com .
  2. On verification and enablement by Red Hat, you will see your desired exam listed after your login at redhat.com exams scheduler page.
  3. Use the link provided for the exam, to schedule your exam.
  4. For our exam kiosk, put in the location as Thane.
  5. Depending on the exam duration, the time selections may be a bit restricted in some cases.
  6. Right now, Saturdays, Sundays and our designated holidays cannot be used for scheduling exams.
Red Hat individual exams

Red Hat individual exams

Our exam kiosk is located at our admin office (map below). Click here to use a Google Map with directions help.