If there is one single thing that should serve as the take-away from the RHEL7 beta testing, it is this – “Everyone needs to re-learn some things”! Here are some screenshots that illustrate the point: 1. The installer screen looks sparse and not graphical at all. 2. Even the media […]

Previewing RHEL 7: testing the beta!

Red Hat is scheduled to announce changes to the RHCSS (Red Hat Certified Security Specialist) program. The changes so far indicated to us Training Partners, involves RHS333, RH423 and RH413 programs. We have completed the initial training for RH413, provided by Red Hat and are proud to state that we […]

Changes in RHCSS program

If you are using a Linux (or Unix) machine, you are commonly advised to use the Secure Copy (scp) program for transferring files between machines. This program uses the Secure Shell (ssh) to transfer files in an encrypted format. Any person trying to intercept the traffic by capturing packets between […]

Fast file transfers with rcp